Organized chaos ideations documented in written form

  • How self-portraits helped me live.
    I am not too fond of my own face, despite what my selfie folder might lead you to think. I like it enough in some flattering angles, but I won’t drown myself just to get a closer look of my own reflection. I am also by no means a talented artist. I have long struggled with my drawing abilities, whether it’s for landscape, still life or portraits. I would love to achieve a higher degree of accuracy or realism, but alas I fail even at maintaining the consistency between the left part and right part of a drawing. Fortunately, after […]
  • Lifetime Greeting Cards will either make you laugh or question your emotional health.
    Foreword: I first encountered these greetings cards while browsing through a book store back in high school. Like any typical teenager, I was struggling with personal insecurities, teetering between the urge to express and the fear of embarrassment. Admittedly, these cards resonated with adolescent-me, they were hard-copy expressions of things I would really like to say to some people. Many years later I stumbled upon these cards as an adult and realized how tacky they are. The graphics left much to be desired and the contents of the cards baffled me. I decided to buy one of each to show […]
  • Broadway Ke Java 2016 Producer’s Note (uncut)
    I was asked to write a producer’s note for the program book of Broadway ke Java 2016 (more about that in a later post, hopefully). Thanks to insomnia and overall restlessness I stayed up till the break of dawn to compose a rather lengthy note. Alas, as all former journalists should have anticipated, our words are limited by the available space in the layout, only a third of the text got to be printed. I decided to publish the note in its complete form here, just because… Jack of many things, master of mediocre management, I have made peace with […]
  • The secret to everything in life: Quality Ingredient
    I have just recently begun learning to cook, and I am bad at cooking. My technique is sloppy (overcooked most of the time), I tend to mess up seasonings (either bland or too salty), and my biggest cause of failure actually lies on my “creativity”. One such example goes, a soup was going alright, until I decided to make it a “fusion” and added last minute ingredients. Good thing I’m not too picky when it comes to eating, I’d rather eat my own bad cooking than starve.  But I won’t lie that there is a way to increase the chance […]
  • Ignorance IS, unfortunately, bliss
    As I grow older I find it harder to deny the old adage that ignorance is bliss. In general, I loath ignorant people, I try resist to myself from making assumption before acquiring a least some background information or data about something. But in some cases it’s better to look the other way, most of the time this is no easy feat for me, and ignore the fact that you actually know more than you wish you knew. Sleep would have been easier had I not know most of the things I know about the world. I wish I didn’t […]