Today, I bought myself an adapter to attach a diana lomo lens to my DSLR, along with a diana fisheye. The result of the pictures weren’t really that special, since the lens were designed to be used on a camera that’s extremely different with my Nadezhda (that’s what I named my DSLR). You can’t really see the fisheye effect except for several special conditions. However, I decided to try and emulate the images produced by lomographic Cameras. So I played around with the picture styles,…Continue Reading “Change your view, switch your lens.”

Yesterday, my car refused to start at the gas station. I was on the way to repair my PC, and when I tried to make a phone call, my cellphone suddenly went blank. the first thing that crossed my mind was, “why are all the things I own either broken or require constant repairs?” like any other normal human being, I complained. And while I was sitting there, alone in my car, waiting for the battery to charge up, I realized that I really should…Continue Reading “Grateful living”

When I got online this today I was greeted by the usual Today’s page from MSN. What caught my attention was the story about Megan Fox being a man. The issue has actually been around since a couple of months ago. When I first heard about it I did a google search and found that it had been sourced by this article by the Weekly World News. They did not provide any hard facts, no official statements, it sounded fishy. Since I couldn’t find any…Continue Reading “Megan Fox is not a Man, Okezone is not okay”