Megan Fox is not a Man, Okezone is not okay

When I got online this today I was greeted by the usual Today’s page from MSN. What caught my attention was the story about Megan Fox being a man. The issue has actually been around since a couple of months ago. When I first heard about it I did a google search and found that it had been sourced by this article by the Weekly World News. They did not provide any hard facts, no official statements, it sounded fishy. Since I couldn’t find any confirmation or any similar article published by a more reliable media, I dismissed it as a hoax.
I thought it was the end of that until i read the title Megan Fox: Saya Laki-laki (translated: Megan Fox: I’m a man) on the MSN page this morning. At first I thought “oh finally, a more credible media gives coverage about this,” but to my disappointment I find that the article was actually published from and it is nothing more than a translated and summarized version of the original World Weekly News article. Apparently the content of MSN Indonesia is fed by With all the hype going around lately caused by Transformers II, they probably did a search on Megan Fox, found the piece by Weekly World News, and passed it of as news. is a news site owned by MNC group, one of the largest media groups in Indonesia. considering this fact i expected a degree of quality in the news they churn out. Unfortunately there have been some cases in the past where people pointed out that published a hoax. I did some google search and found another case of a hoax being published by who knows how many other cases i could find if i devoted more time for the search?
Now, I’m not saying that everything that’s published by Okezone is crap, but I think the editors really should give more scrutiny to their news. An established media wouldn’t want to be caught once publishing a hoax as news. And to make it worse, it is fed to MSN Indonesia and shoved to people’s faces right after they sign-in to MSN Live. Knowing the tendencies of the Indonesian people, they probably swallowed it whole as news and begin passing it around. Please people, check and recheck, get clarifications and confirmations.
Until I found an official statement from Megan Fox and her representatives, or at least some hard evidence (such as birth certificate, baby pictures, etc) I’m gonna presume that she is a she. Can anybody prove otherwise?

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