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A cheap and ugly hack for the ZTE MF90

The Bolt super 4g service that had recently been made available in Indonesia offered a sim card bundled with an affordable 4G mifi modem, the ZTE MF90. As far as I know this modem is one of the most commonly used by Bolt subscribers for nowadays. (And also non-subscribers who bought them and then unlocked the modem)

The design for the ZTE MF90 had the button smack dab in the middle of the curved body and is slightly protruding. This design oversight left it prone to accidental power-on due to contacts with other loose things, and even pressure through linings, when carried in a bag. 

Far too many times while I was out and about in an urban outing I would detect my mifi signal being made available even though I had not meant to have it turned on. And in instances when I do want to utilize the little gadget, I was left disappointed for the battery was usually depleted due to accidental powering-on.

I had to do a slight improvisation, or hack, if I were to use the term favored lately in various digital media, for the sake of having a piece of mind when I carry the little mifi around.

A small piece of paper card, some duct tape, and the use of sharp tools left me with something that is hopefully functional although it might not be pretty. As an added bonus, no longer will I be confused in identifying my device from everyone else’s.

I can’t be the only one facing this problem, let me know how you solve yours. 

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