Ignorance IS, unfortunately, bliss

As I grow older I find it harder to deny the old adage that ignorance is bliss.

In general, I loath ignorant people, I try resist to myself from making assumption before acquiring a least some background information or data about something. But in some cases it’s better to look the other way, most of the time this is no easy feat for me, and ignore the fact that you actually know more than you wish you knew. Sleep would have been easier had I not know most of the things I know about the world.

I wish I didn’t know that global warming is happening

I wish I didn’t know that animals are going extinct

I wish I didn’t know that people are suffering because of the haze

I wish I didn’t know about the statistics about children on the streets whenever I drive pass them on the intersection

I wish I didn’t know about the troubles and illnesses of people I know, that way I can imagine that their life is perfect

I wish I didn’t know about the chemicals and toxins that surround me

I wish I didn’t know about my never-ending to-do list

I wish I didn’t know about all the microorganism living on my skins, cause that’s just creepy.

But alas I know, and I fall asleep anyways, after succumbing to exhaustion.

I wish I can go back in time and visit my former self, I’m gonna go up and tell her “Kid, sometimes it’s better not to know. Some images are better left blurry yet pretty without knowing all the details and background story of how that picture came to be.”

But past-me will probably start to observe and create hypothesis and will launch into a short research about people who suddenly got approached by someone who looks a lot like their mother saying cryptic messages, thus making her worry after knowing that she’ll grow up to be chubby and not as attractive as she thought she’d grow up to be.

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